Prices 2022

  • Adults: 2.200 ISK.
  • Seniors and youth (under 20): 1.200 ISK.
  • Children (under 16): Free, accompanied by adults.
  • Groups (of 10 or more): 1.800 ISK.

Please note that the ticket is valid for all three museum buildings (Róaldsbrakki, Grána and the Boat House). It also gives our guests access to the Folk Music Center.

The museum offers the following options for travel-agencies and tour groups:

  1. Self Guided Tour. Entry Fee: ISK 1.800 per person. 
  2. A guided tour around the museum. Entry fee: ISK 15.000 + 1.800 per person.
  3. A museum visit with a taste of herring. Includes an old movie, a taste of herring on bread and Icelandic Brennivín schnapps. Entry Fee: ISK 3.200 kr. per person. Please give at least one day notice.

  4. Small theatrical performance showing the old working methods and music played on the accordion. Includes a taste of herring and Brennivín. Price ISK 40.000 + 3.200 ISK per person. When ordering this show, please give at least two day notice.
  5. Large theatrical performance showing old working methods, accordion-music, singing and danceing. Includes a taste of herring and Brennivín. Price ISK 80.000 + 3.200 ISK per person. Please give as good notice as possible. This option is ideal for larger groups.

  6. Arctic Coast Way Hero Experience - Take a step back in time to the Herring era.
    On 22. July, 5. August and 19. August visitors are able to book tours where they get join our herring girls and learn how to properly process herring! Our local accordion player will make sure to set the right atmosphere, playing traditional fisherman's songs as the herring girls sing along - followed by a dockside ball where we all join in and dance! 
    This unique experience with the herring girls will be followed up by an informing tour around the Museum's three different buildings with a local guide, gaining insight into the magnificent and captivating herring industry.
    Price:  ISK 6.900 per person. Minimum 15 pax.

  • Special opening, off regual hours: ISK 15.000 + entry fee. Book with notice.