Attendance figures

Cultural tourism in Siglufjörður began with the opening of the Herring Museum in 1991.
Inauguration and opening of the Róaldsbrakki museum building in 1994 was an important milestone in our development.

Increased attendance can be seen within the context of our own expanded and increased activity since 1991.

  • Temporary exhibition from 1991 and 1993: 1.500-1.800 visitors annually.
  • Róaldsbrakki, Grána from 1994 to 2003: 5.000-8.000 visitors.
  • Róaldsbrakki, Grána and The Boathouse from 2004 to 2010: 8.000 to 14.000 visitors.
  • The new Héðinsfjörður tunnel allowed for greater attendance to the museum. In the years since its opening 2011-2014, we've welcomed 17.000-20.000 visitors
  • From 2013 each year a new record has been set, regarding visitor numbers!
  • In 2016 over 25.000 people visited the museum. 
  • In 2018 visitor number reached 27.500! 

Below is a histogram of visitor data over a period of twenty years: note the dramatic increase in numbers and the range of countries of origin.