The Boathouse

The Boathouse was constructed in 2003-2004 and inaugurated by Crown Prince Håkon of Norway on June 29, 2004.

The exhibition in the Boathouse provides an impression of a typical North Iceland herring port during the period from 1938-1954. Eleven boats of various types and sizes lie at the dock, and audio/visual material about the herring fisheries from 1938 is shown. In the lobby visitors see an example of an Icelandic fisherman᾽s store, as well as smaller exhibitions on the harbour in Siglufjörður, marine research and how the herring shoals were located.

The Boathouse was built with the financial support of the Icelandic Government, the Town Council of Siglufjörður (today Fjallabyggð), several cultural funds, companies and individuals.

The Boats on display:

  1. Týr SK 33, a 38-ton boat of oak built in Fáskrúðsfjörður in 1946. It is one of the many fishing vessels constructed as part of the postwar government's efforts to boost the economy. Originally named Skrúður, then Hrafn, and finally Týr, the boat fished from Sauðárkrókur from 1967 until she was decommissioned in 1988. The Týr was used for a variety of fishing: she is displayed here equipped for herring-fishing, together with two purse-seine boats.
  2. Purse-seine boat bearing the name of the Skjöldur SI 82. Pine and oak, probably built in Siglufjörður in the 1940s.
  3. Purse-seine boat from Brávellir, Eyjafjörður. Its origin is uncertain; probably used for herring fishing in Eyjafjörður, 1950-65.
  4. Sigurvin SI 16 was the boat of a certain Gústi, known as "man of God". The boat was built of pine in Norway, originally as a rowing boat and later motorized. Gústi donated his income from fishing to missionary work for children overseas.
  5. Draupnir EA 70, a 12-tonne oak boat, was built in 1954 at Hauganes, Eyjafjörður, by Sigfús Þorsteinsson. Draupnir was initially used for fishing from Hauganes and later from Þórshöfn and the Westman Islands. She is displayed here equipped with drift-nets for herring.
  6. Purse-seine boat bearing the name of the vessel Einar Hálfdáns ÍS 3. Believed to have been built at Bátalón, Hafnarfjörður, 1950-1955.
  7. Rowing boat of Soffía Jónsdóttir of Nes (Siglunes), built for her around 1931 at the boatyard in Siglufjörður.
  8. Guðjón Eggertsson's harbour boat, built by Þorgrímur the boatbuilder of Hofsós.
  9. Jón Björnsson's harbor boat, which he built for himself around 1957.
  10. Dinghy Stígandi ÓF. One of three lifeboats used by the twelve member crew of Stígandi ÓF 83 to abandon the ship as it went down in 1967.
  11. Norwegian Rowboat. Age and origin uncertain, perhaps 1950. Used by herring fisheries in Akureyri on behalf of the canning factory K. Jónsson and Co.