How the ban on public events and gatherings affects The Herring Era Museum

16. Mar 2020

The Herring Era Museum is open to visitors and will continue to be open. However, the museum staff will follow the conditions of the ban on public events and gatherings stipulated by the Icelandic Minister and Health, due to the spread of COVID-19. We ask our guests to be patient and follow to staff's requests regarding safety and health regulations.

The ban takes effect today, Monday March 16. and will last four weeks. Bookings for groups that number 100 or more guests will not be accepted during the ban. Smaller groups are welcome but must take measures to ensure a minimum distance of two meters between those in attendance. In our spacious museum buildings, guests can have a comfortable distance between them while visiting the exhibitions.

The gathering ban will the museum's upcoming events and exhibition opening. A new outdoor exhibit, the result of cooperation with Gamvik Museum in Northern Norway, was supposed to open on April 1., but has been postponed. Also, our annual boatbuilding workshop which was to take place the week of March 30. - April 3. has been postponed.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be an increased emphasis on cleaning on museum premises, in addition to routine cleaning. All public surfaces are regularly disinfected and good facilities for hand washing and sanitizing are guaranteed for both guests and staff.

The staff of the Herring Era Museum is committed to welcoming all visitors – but will also be cautious and follow all recommendations of the Directorate of Health.

Anita Elefsen, Museum Director