Museum staff travels to Italy

15. May 2015

The Herring Era Museum received an invite to participate in a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Luigi Micheletti Award, in Brescia Italy this May. On the occasion of the anniversary, there was a three day program, including lectures, museum visits, presentations, round table discussions and the 20th Award Ceremony. At the same time the staff of The Herring Era Museum participated in the Annual Meeting of the European Museum Academy, EMA which is responsible for the organisation of the Award.

All former winners of the Micheletti Award were invited, and many of them attended in Brescia – giving presentations about their museums and taking a seat in a round table discussions lead by Wim van der Weiden, EMA chairman.  

The presentations were meant to give the previous winners a chance to provide an update on their activities and the development of their museums since winning the Award. When the Herring Era Museum received the Award in 2004, the Boathouse was not included, since it had not yet been inaugurated – so this event was a great chance to share our additional exhibitions with our European colleagues!

 The picture shows Steinunn, Anita and Örlygur along with Wim van der Weiden, EMA chairman.