Scoresbysund - Siglufjörður

11. Aug 2015

The Silver Explorer came unexpectedly to Siglufjörður last Monday. She had planned to sail into Scoresbysund in Greenland, but due to a storm there they had to go for plan B, which was a visit to The Herring Era Museum! With short notice we welcomed 90 passengers from the ship, along with staff – local herring girls were rushed to work and staged our very popular salting show and dock ball, followed by a walk around the museum buildings under the guidance of the staff. At the Boathouse we offered a taste of herring and Brennivín, Icelandic spirit – which came in handy in the cold, wet weather that day!

This is the second time this summer that a cruise ship comes with a day's notice to Siglufjörður, both times they were going to sail into Scorebysund, which for the first time was unable due to heavy ice, and now due to a storm.

It rained heavily on Monday but the passengers from the ship were well equipped as this pleasant picture of salting exhibition shows.

Silver Explorer sails on behalf of the shipping company SilverSea, but this is the first time that a SilverSea ship visits Siglufjörður.