22.000 visitors in 2015!

7. Jan 2016

  • Safnsvæðið við bátahúsið

The Herring Era Museum welcomed 22,090 visitors in 2015, reaching a new record, since visitor figures have never before exceeded 20 thousand. The increase of foreign visitors is interesting - they were as many as 14.200 (52%)

in 2015 vs. 9.200 in 2014. The highest percentage of visitors at the Herring Era Museum last year were those who came on their own, or 52%. People travelling with organized groups counted for 38% while 10% of our guests attended events, such as the salting exhibitions or concerts.

It seems that 2016 will be promising for the museum, but already we have received about 180 bookings as well as 14 cruise ships having announced their arrival to Siglufjörður.