Additional funding for the Salthouse

28. Oct 2016

Last Wednesday, October 26th,  Illugi Gunnarsson, Minister of Education and Culture, and Anita Elefsen, Museum Director, signed an agreement for 35 million kr. in financial support to fund further construction and development of the Salthouse – The Herring Era Museum´s new storage facitilites. Payment will be distributed over the next four years, from 2017 through 2020.

Earlier this fall, The Herring Era Museum submitted an application for financial support to the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture to partly cover the costs of reconstructing the building. Such applications are in accordance with article 11 of the Museum Act, which states that the Ministry may provide financial support to an accredited museum to cover the costs of such a project.

This generous support allows the museum to begin construction work inside the Salthouse earlier than planned, and thus parts of the building will be ready for use sooner than originally expected.

It can be said that the grant has established formal cooperation between the Ministry of Education, Prime Minister's Office, National Museum of Iceland, Cultural Heritage Agency, Fjallabyggð municipality, and the volunteer oranization FÁUM to save this remarkable house and give it an important role.