The Herring Era Museum is a Phoenix Award winner!

13. Sep 2023

On Saturday, it was announced that the Herring Era Museum was awarded the Phoenix Award from the Society of American Travel Writers. The prize was first awarded in 1969 and has therefore become well established. The awards recognize and honor destinations that showcase responsible, sustainable tourism. 

The story behind the Herring Era Museum being nominated for the award is that in July 2022, Dale Ann Leatherman visited The Herring Era Museum with a group of travellers and was completely stunned. Subsequently, she got in touch with Anita Elefsen, the museum director, and received all necessary information for the nomination. Dale announced the award to museum staff this weekend and said she hoped the award would increase people's awareness for what is an historic destination and an extraordinary effort by a town to preserve its heritage. 

The award is without a doubt another feather in the cap of The Herring Era Museum!