Story from a herring fjord

Story from a herring fjord tells the tale of Siggi, a 12-year-old boy who moves with his family to the town of Siglufjörður in the early 1900s. Here, a burgeoning herring fishing industry promises jobs and money for all – a way out of poverty for families struggling to make ends meet. It isn't easy to start over again, however, and Siggi's head is spinning in his strange new surroundings.

Story from a herring fjord is based on the true story of a young boy and his family living in Siglufjörður during the herring boom that transformed a remote hamlet into a lively and colorful town where anything is possible.

The book is currently only available in Icelandic but we hope to provide an English translation soon.

Price: ISK. 2.500,-
Order by e-mail to: safn[at] or by phone: +354 467 1604.