The Herring Era Museum - promo video

The Herring Era Museum in Siglufjörður is an awarded maritime and industrial museum - where the ‘glory days' of Iceland's herring fisheries and industry are brought back to life in three different buildings. 

Róaldsbrakki, a 1907 salting station and bunkhouse. Grána, a 1930s-era fishmeal and oil factory. The Boathouse, the town's thriving harbour of the 1950s with many old fishing boats at the dock. 

The Herring Era Museum was the winner of the Icelandic Museum Award in 2000 and won the European Museum Award in 2004, as Europe´s best new museum of industry and technology.

This promo video was first published in 2017. The Icelandic Museum Council supported the production.

The Herring Era Museum